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Michael Killen

Sell Your Service and Mike Killen rank #1 on Google for “how to sell a marketing funnel” and “sell a marketing funnel for five figures”. Mike is the author of Five Figure Funnels. How to sell a marketing funnel to a client for $25,000+ and he's been interviewed by ClickFunnels, Jason Whaling and ActiveCampaign on how to sell marketing funnels to customers.

Sell your service

03 April 2020, 10:00 AM

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How To Charge $25,000+ For A Marketing Funnel

Charging five figures+ for a marketing funnel seemed absurd. Customers were already unhappy with the price that they were paying me! I was constantly being told "that's too expensive", and even other funnel builders would tell me that they couldn't charge more than $2000 a time. The formula I'm sharing with you on this training, lets you charge five figures, justify the price and actually makes it easier to sell marketing funnels.

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Mike works with marketing funnel businesses to help them attract and close 5 figure projects. He wants to get sales training into the hands of every child and school in the world, because sales builds confidence and confident people make better decisions. He's the author of From Single To Scale and runs Sell Your Service.

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